Filing an Insurance Claim for Damaged Roofing

Filing an Insurance Claim for Damaged Roofing

roofing maintenance on your home is essential not only for protecting your family and home from the elements, but also for ensuring that your insurance will pay for damages, in the event any occur, down the road. Daily Finance advises that, if damage is caused to your home by your failure to solve an existing problem, you should not bother to file a homeowner’s claim as it will likely be denied. You should perform regular inspections of your home’s roof and address even the smallest problems such as curling or missing shingles, broken seals and pipe boots, and ponding water. Doing so will eliminate the possibility of your insurance denying a claim due to negligence on your part. Additionally, maintenance will help your roof last longer, and ultimately protect the value of your home.

Review Your Policy in Advance

Do not wait for legitimate damage to affect the roofing on your home before you familiarize yourself with your homeowner’s insurance policy. Knowing up front what type of coverage you have will save some time when damage needs to be repaired.

Typically, your insurance agent will not be the one to handle your claim, but he will be able to provide you with contact information for the company’s claims department. Even though a claims adjuster will be assigned to inspect the damage to your home, the investing research website ZACKS recommends that you take your own photos.

Have an Expert on Hand

Though many homeowners assume that they will need to collect a number of estimates from roofers before the insurance company will pay for the repairs, that is not typically true. It is actually to your benefit to instead have a single experienced and qualified roofer present when the adjuster performs his or her inspection. With their knowledge and familiarity of all types of roofing and the damage it can sustain, a contractor will be able to discuss the claim in an informed manner with the adjuster. That will increase your chances of getting a fair settlement from your insurance.

Dealing with insurance claims can often be intimidating. If your roof has been damaged, but you are dreading the claims procedure, Elevated roofing is ready to help. They are the roofing contractor homeowners can count on to be in their corner. Elevated roofing is happy to meet with the adjuster and negotiate on your behalf to receive a fair settlement. They will repair or replace your roof using quality materials and superior workmanship, and will provide support during every step of the insurance claims process. Take care of roof damage sooner, rather than later.


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