Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Hail Damage Insurance Claims

When a homeowner gets a home they will put homeowner’s insurance on the home. Check to make sure that hail damage is covered. Many times it is easier to file a claim for hail damage than it is to be compensated for the damage or to have the damage fixed. If there was a big hail storm or the hail was large you should have a professional come to inspect your roof to see if there is any damage.

Hail can cause extensive damage to your home, especially your roof. It can also cause damage to the exterior of your home. If you do not have your roof inspected after a hail storm you could start to notice leaks in your ceilings when it rains, there could even be electrical issues or insulation failure. Any hail damage you see you should immediately file a claim with your insurance company so repairs can be done before any further damage is done to the home.

When the inspector comes to do an estimate on the hail damage they should have experience in this area so that when they inspect the roof they will know what damage has been caused by hail and what occurred from other things. It is often a good idea to hire your own inspector because some insurance companies will deny many claim even if they are legitimate claims. When hiring your own inspector you should compare the two damage reports to see if they match or even close to being the same amount. The report from an external inspector may show that there are tiny holes in your roof that could lead to the deterioration of the roof but the inspector from the insurance company may have not seen or just did not include them on his report because they did not think it was relevant.

If your hail damage claim is denied contact your insurance company and find out why they denied the claim. It could be that there was no documentation to collaborate a claim. They may also state that the damage was caused by something other than the recent hail storm, or if the policy was started or renewed within a short time of the damage they may refuse to pay or if the claim adjuster does not see any actual damage. You can accept what the insurance company claims they owe or you can start looking for an attorney who will work hard to get the insurance company to pay the claim. When hiring an attorney make sure that they are knowledgeable in this area and know how to get your claim approved.


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