How To Get Your Insurance Company To Pay For A New Roof Or Roof Repair

How To Get Your Insurance Company To Pay For A New Roof Or Roof Repair

When a leaky roof begins to damage the inside of a home, professional roofers can quickly repair the problem. Ensure you do some preliminary research on roof repair to understand how to get your insurance to pay for the damage as quickly as possible.

Many people move to Florida for the sandy beaches, snow-free winters, and tropical weather. However, those same beautiful conditions can also cause trouble for residents. High winds, heavy rains, and strong sun exposure can cause damage to a home. Because surfaces are exposed to the elements every single day, roof repair can become a common need for those who live in the Sunshine State. Even the smallest leak can lead to major damage. Calling in professional, qualified roofers can fix the problem before it turns into a huge catastrophe.

Many homeowners wait to call roofers because they don’t have the money to pay for the repairs. However, allowing a tiny leak to remain unattended can cause serious water damage to the structure. In addition, leaky spots can destroy furnishings, carpet, and walls of a house or office building. This type of water damage can create health issues if the moisture is left in the home very long. Also, due to the humid environment, mold can grow extremely fast.

Immediately Report Need For Roof Repair To Insurance Company
To prevent a little leak from causing health risks and erupting into a gush of water breaking through into the home’s interior, report the roof repair to the insurance company immediately. While roof repair can be expensive, leaks and water damage is covered by most insurance policies. Although getting the insurance company to pay for the repairs can be tedious, following a few steps will make the process go much quicker:

Call The Insurance Company: This should always be the first step to find out exactly what paperwork the agency requires in order to cover the cost of roofers.

Schedule A Professional Inspection: More specifically, arrange for a licensed public adjuster to inspect the problem and fill out all the necessary documents as proof to the insurance company. This will help ensure you receive the maximum settlement to put towards your roof repair.

Turn In The Paperwork: Once all the necessary forms have been filled out and signed, send them in to the insurance agency as soon as possible. Faxing these documents normally ensures faster processing and helps to guarantee that the appropriate contact within in the agency receives them.

Take Advantage Of Full Benefits
After the inspection reveals the details of the situation, a homeowner may discover that they need a new roof altogether. This can be caused by poor workmanship on the previous installation or major damage from weather conditions. To take advantage of the opportunity to receive a new roof, individuals should ask the insurance company how much they allow for this type of work. Then the homeowner can locate qualified roofers to do the job. Hiring a company that is GAF Master Elite and Certified as Duro-Last roofers will ensure they will receive high quality work and the best warranty in the business. In addition, a business that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has a licensed public insurance adjuster on staff will enable the repairs to be done quickly and without any hassles from the insurance company.


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