How to Get Your Insurance Company to Replace Your storm damaged Roof

How to Get Your Insurance Company to Replace Your storm damaged Roof

Your insurance provider is supposed to pay for your roof when it’s been damaged by a storm. However, they often fail to cover damages that don’t fit their criteria. Damage can be defined differently by an insurance company and an adjuster may not approve the claim. So, in this article I explain the steps you need to take to ensure that your insurance provider will replace your roof.

Insurance companies don’t like to buy roofs.

Let’s get this fact straight. Your insurance company does not want to replace your roof. That’s right, that monthly payment you’ve been handing over for years doesn’t mean much to an insurance provider. Why is this so? Well, because of their bottom line. That’s right, money. Hey, it’s a business. When they replace your roof they lose money. This may seem a bit tough but I’ve been in the contracting business long enough to know this. But, if you have storm damage and you follow this guide I can assure you that you will have a great case for a new roof.

Step 1. Contact a roofer

Let me say this, if you think you can get your roof bought by your insurer than you should think again. Though it’s not impossible, it’s unlikely. There are a host of credible roofers out there that are trained at getting roofs replaced. Find a few roofers in the phone book or online and then call them. Ask them if they have experience with insurance claims and if they are willing to meet with your insurance adjuster. Within a couple of phone calls you will have a company that’s knowledgeable and that’s willing to help.

Step 2. Inspection

Get your chosen roofer to inspect your roof for damage. He or She should do this for free. He or She should know in a few minutes whether or not you should file a claim. This initial inspection will allow the roofer to locate the damage that he will display during the adjuster meeting.

Step 3. Meet he adjuster

Once you have filed your claim an insurance representative should call you within 72 hours to set an adjusters appointment. Let the contractor that is going to replace your roof know about the date and time of the inspection. The contractor will be acting as your representative and should be able to get your claim approved.

Step 4. Replace your roof

If your claim is approved your insurance provider should be sending you an estimate and a check for the present value of your roofing system. Upon the installation competition your insurance company will send the depreciation check through the mail. Before you pay a contractor you should get an estimate from him or her. Often times this estimate will be written by your contractor which will mirror your insurance provider’s estimate. This is standard. You must have this for protection against unforeseen costs.

By following this basic guideline I can assure you that you will get your roof replaced if you have storm damage. Insurance corporations are not easy to keep accountable when you are the one meeting your adjuster or trying to handle the claim yourself. Remember to call an experienced contractor, preferably an established contractor in your community that has been around a while. Good luck.


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