How To Know When It Is Time For Roof Replacement?

How To Know When It Is Time For Roof Replacement?

Roof not just protects your house from nature’s harsh situations but gives you a sense of having a safe life. If roof has this importance then it is your responsibility to maintain it in a good condition. After all, it is the matter of protecting the prized possession of your life- your home. You need to regularly inspect your roof to notice any changes in it.

These changes might demand either to repair or replace your roof. Regular inspection doesn’t mean a definite time interval, but whenever a harsh weather condition strikes or it has been a long time since you last inspected your roof, see it for changes.

What are the Signs of Roof Replacement?

After inspection, you find your roof damaged, decide on whether to go for repairing or replacement. Usually, it is hard to take the decision but to have the right decision, contact experts in the field. They would take a better and right decision after examining your roof for damages.

Given below are some signs which indicate it is time for roof replacement.

• Roof’s age is one of the important determining criteria. It is based on the material you choose. Once this age is complete, you would notice frequent leaks and torn shingles.

• Have the number of torn and missing shingles increased? When this situation arises, you need to go for roof replacement instead of repair.

• Are those water marks evidently visible on the wall? Has much of paint come out from the wall? If yes, then these are real indications that water has started seeping in through the walls. And, it is high time you go for major roof repairs.

• Harsh weather conditions like fierce rains, storms or even continuous exposure to sunlight renders roof weak and damages the shingles. In this situation you are left with no other option than to replace your roof. If you live in the area where you face these extreme weather conditions, then replace your roof within appropriate time.

Apart from these obvious conditions, there are some causes which are the result of faulty installation. Improper designs, low quality material made use of during roof installation are some of the causes which can’t be overlooked.

Whether you will select roof repair or replacement undoubtedly depends on the aforementioned factors. Yet one of the major determining factors is budget. Yes, the budget is one of the factors which you have to decide beforehand and discuss it with your roofing experts. The expert roofers would easily give you correct estimation of the whole budget cost after they have examined the roof’s condition. To know, whether they are charging genuine rates or extra fees, discuss the heads under which you have to make the payments. With this you may easily decide whether you would be able to make the payment or not.

With no dearth of the roofing contractors around the market, you have to search around for the most efficient one. They will complete the replacement project in a cost-effective way and in less time.


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