Insurance And Roof Replacement Expenses

Insurance And Roof Replacement Expenses

Homeowners insurance is useful as there may be unexpected repairs on one’s home. The roofing is particularly crucial as the roof protects the rest of the house from weather elements like rainfall, hail, snow, and high winds. As much as the concept of home owners insurance is comforting for the homeowner, there are a number of pitfalls when it pertains to handling insurance claims.

For a home owner looking to file claim with their insurance, it is best that the home owner first consult with a qualified roofing contractor before filing insurance claims. In addition, it is highly important that the homeowner reviews his or her home owners insurance policy. Some typical exclusions that the insurance company would not cover are total replacement, materials, and older roofs. However, they do this to guard themselves from unneeded costs and fraudulent claims.

Concerning total replacement, insurance companies do not cover damage that comes from incorrect maintenance or damages, which can be avoided if the home owner is mindful of the condition of the roof. Concerning materials, making use of slate shingles or cedar shakes might be reasons why insurance companies do not replace roofing with such materials. Insurance companies may also not cover replacement of older roofing (with a roof life span of 10– 20 years old) because, like health insurance, older materials are more risky and the company gets the short end of the stick.

By getting in touch with a roofing contractor you will have somebody that can guide the home owner throughout the replacement process. Many of the instances when the home owner consults with the roofing contractor are whenever the home owner seeks an insurance claim after the house was damaged by a thunderstorm. Home owners recognize they need to have the damages repaired so they file an insurance claim. Adjusters typically fail to see the existing damage or they also underestimate the damages. The home owner could even be riddled with a lot of additional costs not covered by insurance. Contractors assist the owner in determining the problem and they also assess the damages.

With the help of a contractor, one can be assured that the roof life span can be extended by several more years with proper evaluation of the damages. The contractor’s help can even provide the homeowner with appropriate info to help deal with insurance adjusters. The roof life span is very important to all homeowners. An appropriately kept roof preserves the home’s beauty and also provides sufficient security for its occupants for many years to come.


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