Roof Care After The Storm

Roof Care After The Storm

Storms are deadly. And the worst suffers are the roofs. Immediately after the passing away of the squall a routine check of the roof should be made. The checking should be from one end to the other without any slip up. A single hole or neglected spot might multiply later headaches. The worry will spill over from the roof to the furniture and furnishings. So the matter is not being ignored at all.

It is not always that a skilled hand in roof matters is at hand – especially following the aftermath of a disaster. So the owner of the house should have some first hand knowledge of roof treatment even though he or she is not a trained carpenter or engineer. There is no guarantee that another storm will not follow. So the minor first aid is not to be trifled with. If the roof is left unattended then further damage will spell more monetary loss. That apart – with everything is entwined the concern of the householder for the family’s welfare and the guarding of them from the wrath of Nature.

So after noting down the weak points it is time to roll up shirtsleeves and get down to work. The first thing that needs attention is the not-so-humble hole. Immediately plug these. It is not just that water and blast can get into the house but cold or hot air may get out. It will tell on high electricity bills that are not worth the pleasures of stargazing from the settee.

The first thing to do is to spread tarpaulin or any sort of waterproof canvas that is available, over the entire roof. It is better to spread it outside than inside to allow for water to drain off. This spreading work cannot be done single-handed. Take help of family members or friends. The ends must be tightly fixed so that next huffing and puffing will not blow the sheet off together with the old damaged roof. Use ropes and nails for this.

Another alternative is to climb up to the roof and seal the holes with roof sealant chemical. Always be careful about safety rules as regards – ladders, ropes and human support to avoid accidents.

After completing these temporary measures it is time to locate the expert contractor or carpenter. It may entail expenses but in the long run it will pay – in terms of money and peace of mind. Roof repair work done temporarily can never replace the permanent magic touch of the professional. Storms are challenges thrown by Nature. We must take it up and win the game.


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