Roof Insurance Claim Process – Easy Steps Worth Considering

Roof Insurance Claim Process – Easy Steps Worth Considering

The roof is a vital part of every building. It suffers from harsh weather, such as hail, storm, rain, snow and much more. When roof needs big repairs or replacements, it is necessary to get ‘Insurance Claim.’ Roof Insurance Claim Process seems to be a daunting task at first because you do not know from where to start. There are possibilities of confusion in the complete process, such as whom to call first a roof contractor or Insurance Company. However, it is important to get accurate information about the process of an insurance claim to avoid any kind of hassles and to get the maximum claim amount from the Insurance Company.

Here are the steps to follow to get insurance claim

Step 1

Detecting the cause of roof damage is often difficult. When you consult Insurance Company, the experts of the company visit your place and analyze the cause of the damage. You can schedule the appointment with the adjuster according to your convenience.

Step 2

The adjuster of the Insurance Company will tell clearly, if the claim can be filed or not. After the assessment by the adjuster is done, within a few days they will send an overview of damages and the first claim check. This check is half the amount of the replacement and the repair of the roof.

Step 3

The final payment will be made after the process of analyzing the roof damages is accomplished. The insurance company and the roofing contractor analyze the damaged roof properly and claim will be made accordingly.

Step 4

After getting estimate of the damaged roof repair cost, the roofing Company reviews the inspection reports and handle the negotiation on your behalf.

Different Insurance Companies may handle the claim process in dissimilar ways. However, it is vital to ask relevant questions to the adjustors of the Insurance Company to clear your doubts. Also, you must make sure that the they minimizes your efforts and help you in providing all possible roof damage claims. After the process of insurance claim gets over and new roof is installed, ensure to provide timely maintenance.

The process of getting a roof insurance claim is quite difficult and full of hassles. But, it is important to get a precise knowledge of the claims. Many insurance companies will confuse you and offer less insurance coverage, so it is vital to look all the factors when going to take insurance claim of your roof damage.


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