Roof Repairs

Put a Stop to Leaks

We provide roof repairs in Grand Prairie, TX

Has your roof suffered damage from a storm or animal infestation? Southern Restoration Services will get your roof looking like new again to keep your family and property protected.

A little bit of damage doesn’t mean a roof installation will be necessary. In many cases, roof repairs can save you time and money as opposed to installing a completely new roof. They may also extend the service life of your current roof.

We understand that damage happens when you least expect it. We’re available to provide emergency services when you need them. Contact Southern Restoration Services for your roof repairs in the Grand Prairie, TX area.


Catching damage early goes a long way toward preventing major roofing and home repairs. Keep an eye out for these roofing problems:

  1. Damage from severe weather, such as hail and ice
  2. Animals that make holes to gain entry
  3. Improperly installed flashing
  4. Damage from falling tree limbs
  5. Pooling water

Maintain the integrity of your roof to ensure your family and belongings will be protected for years to come.