What You Should Know About Homeowner’s Insurance Before You Get Roof Repair

What You Should Know About Homeowner’s Insurance Before You Get Roof Repair

If your home’s roof is in need of some attention, you should contact your homeowner’s insurance agent to find out how to get roof repair. This way you can avoid paying more than you expect.
If you are dealing with roofing issues on your home, it may be time to get roof repair, in which case you are probably thinking about contacting your homeowner’s insurance company. However, the repairs will not necessarily be covered, depending on your policy. Before you assume that everything will be paid for, find out a few details that have to do with your insurance provider. You can usually get the answers you need by talking to your agent.

The first thing to do is to read through your policy booklet to find out what is covered. You may have more or less coverage than you assumed. One thing to be aware of is that most providers will only cover roof repair when it is done with materials that are equal to what you currently have on your home. This means you cannot upgrade to a better part without paying the difference and having it approved by your provider.

Another thing to look for is a list of exclusions to the coverage. Most policies cover all the costs of repairs that are necessary, such as leaks. However, if you just want to replace the entire roof to make it look nicer, or if wear and tear over time has some of your shingles looking a little worn, know that these types of repair are not usually paid for since they are not necessary. Also, keep in mind that some policies will not cover roofs that are particularly old, meaning that they may be excluded from coverage so you will have to pay to get them fixed or replaced. Your agent or policy book can let you know these answers.

Before you get a roof repair, you should find out what you will pay. Your deductible is probably about ten percent of your current property value. Since the value of your residence changes every year or so, this amount will also change so make sure you are looking at the correct deductible. You will probably notice that this amount can be quite high depending on how much your home is worth, and in some cases, it is more expensive than the repairs anyway. If this is the case, it does not usually make sense to file a claim since you will end up paying the entire cost yourself, as well as possibly increasing your insurance premiums. In fact, if you file excessive claims, your policy could be canceled altogether, so be sure to think about the consequences before you file a claim for which the deductible is practically equal to the cost of repairs.

If you are about to pay for roof repair and need the help of your insurance company, you should make sure to find out these details first. Otherwise, you could end up footing the entire bill unexpectedly, or having your policy canceled by your provider due to too many claims. You can find out more from your agent if you remain undecided, and some roofing companies may also be able to advise you since they work with providers often.


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